Salted and Cooked Duck Eggs

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  • Freshly Made: Gold Plum salted sea duck eggs are a popular and treasured Chinese snack. The eggs come from free-range sea ducks, and they are cured in a salted charcoal mixture. They can be eaten right from the pack, or used as a condiment. All the eggs come from the Gaoyou Lake in the Li Xia river area in China.
  • Rich and fatty: The egg white has a sharp, briny taste. It can be a little too salty for some people to eat straight away, so you can use it as a salt replacement or supplement in a meal. The egg yolk is very fatty with a slightly salty taste. It falls apart quickly and melts in your mouth because of the high oil content.
  • Versatile: Salted duck eggs are present in several dishes as a salt supplement, soy sauce supplement, or as a condiment. It can be used as a salty seasoning or garnish in rice, Chinese rice porridge, and noodles.
  • Longevity: Salted eggs have a high amount of fat, which allows them to stay for up to a few weeks without being refrigerated. They are hygienically sealed and packed individually. They have a shelf life of 180 days before opening.


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