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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

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Adjust Servings:
8 chicken wings
3-5g salt Adjust based on your taste and flavour
600ml coca-cola
2 tbsp cooking oil
10 ml soy sauce
4-5 pieces sliced ginger

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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

History 1: there is a foreign dish called Coca-Cola -chicken, which is made with coke and tomato sauce. The main ingredient is chicken (chicken wings, chicken breast meat, leg meat, etc.).

History 2: caramel colored roast chicken is commonly used in mainland China. A restaurant in jinan, Shandong province accidentally knocked over the cola and found it more convenient to use in the red-hot chicken wok.

  • Serves 2
  • Easy




This is my favorite Chinese recipes. It is easy to cook successfully.  More importantly, it have has a taste that everyone loves it.

1. The first step is to discard the fishy chicken wings, add some slices of ginger and some sections of scallion to the chicken wings, boil them, skim off the floating foam (that is, the blood water is boiled, eliminate the fishy), then rinse them with water, and drain them (to prevent the next frying splash).

2. If you like more sweet, you can use Coca-Cola. If you don’t like it to be too sweet, you can use Pepsi.

3. At step5, keep an eye on it when you cook, the soup would be dry up quickly.





Cut a knife on a raw chicken wing, or use a toothpick to make six small holes in the front and back of each wing, to add flavor.Use 10ml soy sauce to marinate for at least two hours.



Put cold water chicken wings and ginger in the pot, cook to boil, when seeing more foam to remove turn off the fire, use warm water to wash off the foam, drain



Fry the wings over low heat until golden, shaking the pan to keep them from sticking



600ml coke, add 10 ml soy sauce. No need to add water.
When stewed to the last bowl of water in the soup, try the taste and add a pinch of salt if needed.



Cook until the soup thickens, almost all the juice wrapped in chicken wings, only about three spoonfuls of soup. Then you can enjoy tasty cola chicken wings

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